The CASTLE Project

CASTLE was born to answer regional needs to improve SMEs logistics policies. It relies on a solid past cooperation among ten partners in Italy, Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Hungary & Austria, especially developed in Interreg initiatives.The Acronym CASTLE stands for “Cooperation Among SMEs Toward Logistic Excellence”. The CASTLE objectives and ratio are rooted in past research & study activities on the regional logistics EU status and perspectives, which elected SMEs logistics networking as a priority intervention area for public policies. In fact EU regions strongly base their future economic competitiveness on SMEs and on their ability to face new globalised production and market imperatives, which impose to manage scattered supply flows, to face the requirements of flexibility and capillarity, to integrate the value chain. Logistics is the oil and a strategic tool in SMEs' economic machine and in regions' sustainable development, as its efficiency impacts on SMEs market presence and on the environment…read more


13.05.2011 | Presentation of the CASTLE Project on the “transport logistic” Fair in Munich

25.08.2011 | Presentation of the CASTLE Project at the Applied University of Neuss

19.10.2011 | The 2nd Book of CASTLE Best Practices is now online!

14.12.2011 | CASTLE Final Conference in Bologna